T is for Thomas

This is the hardest thing to write because even by putting the truth down, I feel like I am letting him down.

Dr Paul Thomas was the UCC out of hours doctor who took away the Tramadol and saved my life.

He was amazing as he knew straight away that the Tramadol was causing the seizures. He took all Tramadol away and asked for the discharge sheet.

When I was able to stand, I gave him the discharge sheet and he took it. Read it. Got up and walked out. Wow, I thought, he really cares.

So, it came as a shock to find that Dr Thomas wrote the following:

By removing the discharge sheet, it allowed Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to pretend, for a year, that I had been discharged at 10:40 in the morning. This would have been before the first dose of Tramadol had been given at 2:23pm, and, of course, before the first seizure had occurred in the CT scanner.

It was only when I managed to get the prescribed medicines copy of the discharge sheet that the hospital’s story changed and they agreed that I was discharged in the evening of the 19th Feb 2016.

So, to recap. I have been diagnosed as bipolar by an orthopedic consultant Mr Henry Magill 19th Feb 2016, and two days later, the convulsive seizures where my body was so swollen, is a relapse of my bipolar disorder.

I will never back any complaint made against Professor Paul Thomas. He is the man who saved my life.

He chose to falsify what happened but would he have been so eager to cover up for a friend if he had known that the Tramadol – which the hospital have confirmed caused the seizures – had been doubled for my departure?
I hope not.


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