R for result

Blood test results. If the faked blood test on 19th Feb 2016 was done using 40 hour old blood from that taken by Dr Bernhardt on 17th Feb 2016.

The Urea result: 4.9 on 17th Real 6.0 fake (Would this show that the blood tested was 40 hours old?)

Run through (Most of the evidence is logged already but need to tidy up images etc)

Wednesday 17th Feb 2016
I arrive by ambulance at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital – LAS sheet (London Ambulance Service)

LAS + me sent on tour of construction site by black, old administrator. Same woman meets us when we get back to A&E and tells LAS to put me in reception. This same person later refused Mr Noel Lee’s request for head and arm CT scans.
I am taken into a room and a woman reads through the LAS report. She then leaves and returns. She doesn’t ask about my injury or the pain she doesn’t explain why I am stuck in the wheelchair and unable to stand. I ask for pain relief and she gives me 2 cohydromol (over the counter pain relief) and then she wheels me back into reception. Later I am wheeled out of reception screaming as I am trying to cover myself up.
Wheeled into Dr Valerie Bernhardt – the world’s worst phlobotonist. She puts the hospital bracelet on straight away. She then starts her games and then takes 6 phials of blood. She then requests an x-ray.
I am then taken for an x-ray of my broken arm.
Wheeled back to A&E. Met by Ortho Consultant Mr Lee
He goes through my x-ray. Complete with broken ribs. He does the clerking and explained the forms before I signed each.
Dr Ali decides that she too wants to triage the LAS report. She asked me what had happened and as I start to say that I had sciatica and collapsed, she walks off.
She returns and takes a phone call from my consultant. She moans at him for taking notes, that I was her patient. She makes him return to her in A&E. Mr Lee is a totally changed man. He sat there in silence like a naughty school boy. Queen of the sadists is just flouncing around and then she starts this absurd screeching. Breach, breach, there’s been a breach. She then repeats this performance sporadically. Mr Lee leaves. Dr Ali AKA Queen Sadist shows me my broken ribs but doesn’t explain that that is why I can’t stand up. I now think I have a third, and more serious injury, deflating my lungs.

Wheeled into corridor in isolation and left for 3 hours.
Wheeled from A&E to Ward
Approx times now as feel exact are not necessary but have all in the operation bundle etc
03:00 Dr Ali kindly pays a visit to the ward and introduces me to an attractive blond nurse, as a mad cow.
04:00 Received first pain relief Oramorph. Medications chart was not provided by A&E so no pain relief could be given until they knew what I had had.
06:00 Visit from consultants who increase Oramorph to every 2 hours – this never happened.
08:00 Final pain relief (except that associated with operation late pm)
So kept in constant pain so I could not escape. The 1mg oral morphine was not enough to be able to get out of bed but I could get into a comfortable position.

16:00 Operation
19:00 Recovery – asked if I was a mad cow and had had ring put through lip whilst I was anaethatised.
20:00 Back on ward. Ward Sister ignores the NIL BY MOUTH I eat and then drink 2ltr bottle of water.
21:00 Requested sleeping tablets – told to take pain pump as it will knock me out
22:00 Start taking the pain pump and mouth on fire. Keep taking it to get rid of the pain.
23:00 Went bat shit crazy. Thought people were trying to kill me. Was convinced there was a ward full of dead people.

19th February 2016
03:00 Pulled the pain pump connection out of my arm.
10:45 Physio – with no pain relief and broken ribs.
14:23 First ever Tramadol
15:00 Mr Henry Magill comes round to discharge me. I am in awful pain and confused. Mr Henry Magill sends me for a CT head scan


19:40 Discharged with double to dose of tramadol.

I have reason to believe that if I had taken the higher dose of tramadol, I would have died, in the arms of my disabled mother as I slipped into a coma.


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