O is for Operation

I was operated on on the 18th Feb 2016. There should be a follow up scan from when I went to have the wires out – hospital wouldn’t even admit to the witnessed seizures until the GMC got involved – so couldn’t go back for the operation.
The follow up scan would have shown that the bottom wire wasn’t working properly and the fracture wasn’t healing properly. I found this out in June 16 at another hospital. I still have a hairline fracture in my arm one year on.

Smith, what a trip you sent me on. I went to enough teenage parties to know when I was coming up. Dr Thomas got me down with diazapan. That was 3 days later.

I reckon medical amphetamine. Everything was there apart from the racing heartbeat. Am I right Smith?

It must be so difficult being an anesthetist on the Magill Wing at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Anesthetists are the Gods of the operating theater. They have to train for so much longer and they hold your life in their hands.

I know who you are working with on Richard’s team – not poor Henry, you stitched him up like a kipper. Although I assume you thought that he was the one person the hospital would move heaven and hell to protect.

Nice touch adding Henry’s hand written list of my medications to the December bundle of my notes. Not dated but fits in nicely.

The big mistake you made was getting that kid to ask me if I was a mad cow. I then knew that the infected ring going through my lip was intentional.


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