My CT scan.


This is the only image of my body that Chelsea and Westminster have released to me. For an unknown reason they have falsified the date. This was taken on 18th February 2016 between 17:13 and 18:08:43. IT SHOWS MY LEFT ARM – I BROKE MY LEFT ARM JUST BELOW MY SHOULDER.

The interesting thing is that you can see my broken ribs. I have broken them next to my spine. This image has been taken from behind!

This is the paper version of a CT scan on my injury. As you can see, I have broken my left arm just below my shoulder.

Funny how the paper version is faced the correct way!

You see, the reason I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I have someone else’s A&E x-ray is because their injury is on the right hand side.

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One thought on “N is for NOT, NEVER, NEVER WILL BE!

  1. The x-ray could be reversed. That happens, you know but it almost looks like a double exposure…I can see the break in your arm but I can’t see the ribs fractures. I know in the States, x-rays and records belong to the patient. Do they not there?


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