M is for Mad Cow

I was in the recovery room after my operation to mend my broken arm.
On regaining consciousness, I was asked if I was a Mad Cow.
I had had a ring put through my lip whilst I was anaesthetized.

Smith, why did I wake from the operation to find I had had a ring put through my lip?
Smith, why was I bleeding from my butt when I had had an operation on my arm?
And, Smith …

…let’s just …


Time locked and taken at just after 22:00 19th Feb 2016

I wanted to record the fact that my mouth was full of ulcers and I had this mark post operation on my lip.

In the morning this had been the diameter of a 1 pence piece but as the infection grew, so did the swelling in the middle. As the ring is raised up due to swelling, it looks a lot smaller.



5 thoughts on “M is for Mad Cow

      1. In every way. The hospital retain all evidence I send and reply based on their computer systems. These responses never relate to the evidence and when I ask for reviews the letters are written off as closed.
        I requested an explanation of why bipolar and anxiety are written in my hospital notes – no reply – phone, chase, no reply. They won’t even admit they have made a mistake. I am now with a bipolar specialist and I am one of his only unipolar clients.
        I have spoken with several nursing staff at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital who are aware of the nasty pursuits Dr Bernhardt and Dr Ali play in A&E. They relate the “mucking about pretending to try and get a vein” game to Dr Ali. When a patient mentions being abused in A&E, they say to put in a formal complaint.
        I tried to get them to give a number of people they come across who say they have experienced horrible things in A&E – they would only agree loads.
        I have jumped through every hoop and each time I’m fobbed off as some nutter.
        What would you do?

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