Ok. Now to recap. No relief from the pain in A&E. Unable to get out of the wheelchair due to broken ribs. Mooing as the air was forced out of my lungs each time a broken rib touched my lungs.
It is interesting as I had some feedback, very kind, and sympathising as I hadn’t been fully diagnosed in A&E.
Oh, but I had, I had been shown my x-ray with my broken ribs. The problem was that I had broken ribs before and the pain was nothing like the pain I was experiencing across my chest. I was left thinking that I had a broken arm, broken ribs and something else that was deflating my lungs and causing the main pain.
Broken ribs deflating you lungs are so painful. As the lungs completely empty, my body was shooting back into the wheelchair as my lungs gasps to refill air. So, every time I tried to escape, I was forced back into the wheelchair.

I caught Dr A Ali twice directly calling me a mad cow. The welcome line up that I received on the ward suggests that she had been round promoting my new found ability to moo.

Below are my notes from 18th Feb 2016 – very much stating depression.
Below that are my notes dated 19th Feb 2016 – Here, I have been recorded as bipolar and severe anxiety. Please note the first ever recording of bipolar in relation to my mental health is on 19th February 2016 by Mr Henry Magill – an orthopedic consultant.


I was so shocked that they had recorded my mental health condition as bipolar.

I discussed the best option with my GP and as my depression had never been diagnosed, I was referred to a psychiatrist. A full diagnosis was carried out.

Recurrent Depressive Disorder. Full report attached.

This is the one and only time I have had an assessment of my mental health carried out by the NHS. I have had other assessments since – privately – and all are Unipolar.



And, now thinks get really sick and twisted.


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