J is for Journey


This is the only correct info I can find in my Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Bundle.

It is the sheet signed at 20:10 by Valerie Bernhardt – this was whilst I was with her as she recorded my vital signs, arranged my arm x-ray and inserted the plastic wire things into my arm.

I’m going to just download everything I received from A&E.

NB:  The London Ambulance notes had been removed and were requested directly from the London Ambulance Service.

OH, quick time line:

Arrived by Ambulance – 16:48.  LAS told I would be seen as a Priority.  LAS and me in wheelchair, sent on guided tour of construction site by old, black administrator.  LAS found A&E – original door where met by this administrator, just turn left and go 20m.  Met by same old black administrator and she told LAS to put me in reception.  Thing that blows my mind is that when Mr Noel Lee asked for CT scans, this old black administrator refused his request.  Why was an administrator allowed to make this decision?  Why was the fact I had knock myself unconscious NEVER recorded?

I was stuck in wheelchair in reception until 18:23 when I was taken into a room and left.  Lady returned and went through LAS report – didn’t examine me etc and refused to tell me why I couldn’t stand up and why the pain was so severe in my chest.  Given 2 pain tablets – over the counter strength.

Wheeled back into reception

19:45 Just after this time I saw Dr Valerie Bernhardt VB and she had her fun.

20:10  Dr VB took my vital signs etc and I was then wheeled to x-ray.  (Can I just say what lovely people the x-ray team were.)  Unfortunately, where the plastic stuff had been inserted in my hand, they ended cutting off my jumper as the lacy cuffs had become completely entangled and I could move my arm as it was affecting my chest and my lungs were deflating.

Wheeled back to A&E and met by Mr Noel Lee.  Mr Lee Ortho consultant and absolutely lovely – very professional.  He went though my injury and did all of the clerking.

Then I saw Dr Ali – but will leave that to “What happened Next” as my situation now starts to become rather alarming.

After seeing Dr Ali – she justified this by telling me that Dr Bernhardt was not a doctor, so she needed to see me.

Started going through what had happened and Dr Ali walked off.  She returned and received a call from Mr Noel Lee.  She was shouting at him, that “I was her patient; He shouldn’t have taken any notes.”  Basically, she made him return and he sat next to me like a naughty chastised schoolboy.  She didn’t let him talk.  I was in loads of pain but I felt so sorry for Noel.  Here was someone incredibly professional and she was treating like shit.  To be honest,  if doctor Ali had been able to get her head any further up her own anus, it would have to have been surgically removed.


Forged A&E discharge





London Ambulance Report that had been removed from my bundle.



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