G for GMC

The General Medical Council have been made to look like a bunch of lazy, amateur, donkeys by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Writing everything down again is difficult but I am naming and shaming everyone involved as no one is challenging Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

My treatment in A&E at Chelsea and Westminster was orchestrated.  I wasn’t the first person they had inflicted this on.  My treatment, at their hands, was aimed to maximise pain and humiliation.

I have jumped through every hoop imaginable to try and get this hospital to admit what happened.


ICO – as Chelsea and Westminster Hospital had refused to provide a copy of the CCTV from A&E.  Chelsea and Westminster Hospital created an alternate universe where a letter was sent from Medical Records.  This letter is dated April but appeared via the ICO in July.  Strangely, 2 days after this letter is dated, I have an email from the same person.

The letter gives a totally different explanation of what had happened to the CCTV evidence.  In the email, 2 days later, the same person states they have no idea what is going on and that the Head of Security is going to contact me to explain.

Weird – and the head of security didn’t contact me to explain! lol(sic)

The problem is that the PTSD – which didn’t really hit until I went back to the hospital to have the wires removed and they pretended that nothing had happened.  Knew at this point I couldn’t have any follow up at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital so kept the wires in for another 4 months until they were too painful to sleep.  TBC

Anyway, back to PTSD.  It follows a process which is similar to the grieving process.  I have hit the anger stage and the problem for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is that all of my healthy anger is directed towards its cause.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital seem to be under the delusion that I have no case as I am not using solicitors.  I am not using solicitors  – even though I have written confirmation that Chelsea and Westminster caused the seizures by giving me a major risk combination of drugs, and even though I have confirmation that the Tramadol was then doubled and I was discharged to the care of the person I was the carer, within 6 hours of the first Tramadol being given.   I had had 2 witnessed seizures between the first Tramadol and discharge at 19:40

I am doing this for a very personal reason.  No one is going to suffer as I did.


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