A to Z

F is for Forged

I was going with fake/falsified but Sheridan at the General Medical Council came up with forged.

Forged – created to deceive – how perfect.

I have hand written files and computer files from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.  Both are totally different and do not match.  Wrong times, wrong doctors, wrong patient.

Fortunately, I recorded everything – 2 phones and an iPad.

Here are some fun ones:


Not sure who the top notes refer to but it mentions a CT scan.  Didn’t have a CT scan in A&E.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital have used this document to pretend to the General Medical Council that I had a CT Head scan in A&E.  This would have been on Wed 17th Feb 2016


My favourite bit:

Dr A Ali – what a star.

She has written that she prescribed and gave medication.  Fortunately, she didn’t.  On my medicine chart she has signed that she has gave me Tramodol at 20:55.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital have admitted through the GMC that the Tramodol caused confusion and seizures.

I had knocked myself unconscious for several minutes, had broken ribs and was stuck in a wheelchair.  None of this was mentioned in the A&E hand written or computer notes.  As far as the notes are concerned, I just had a broken arm.

Question for today

Why would Chelsea and Westminster Hospital be sending me for a CT head scan at 20:00?  The Tramadol dose is supposed to be at 20:55.  If we take the real dose on Friday 19.02.16 at 14:23 as an example – head pain and confusion didn’t start for at least 30 minutes after taking it.  So, in theory, my CT head scan should have been requested any time from 21:25.

This is what I find so offensive – forget the near death stuff.

Moan for the day:

Chelsea and Westminster have falsified my hospital bundle to the extent that it is difficult to find anything true.  The least they could have done is be consistent.  Actually have thought about the situation and falsified it properly.

This is so sloppy.  It makes me cross.  It’s like the whole Richard Sankey thing.  His Ortho team seem to have all added something to my hospital notes.  Half of them I never met.


Whose notes?  Anyone’s guess.

My therapist accuses me of deflecting from the PTSD.  He may have a point.





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