A to Z


(Determined to catch up.  PTSD causing problems)

My CT scan.


This is the only image of my body that Chelsea and Westminster have released to me.  For an unknown reason they have falsified the date.  This was taken on 18th February 2016 between 17:13 and 18:08:43

If you look closely, just below my shoulder, is a dark jagged line going across.  This is my fracture.  The bone is broken on the outside of my shoulder.  This is where my arm fractured.  Take time to look at my lovely bones – then look at the X-ray Chelsea and Westminster Hospital want me to accept is mine.

My CT scan clearly shows the wires that were put in to pull my broken arm upwards back into the shoulder socket.  If you look closely, you can see my cracked ribs.  Definitely 2 – just follow the rib line across from right to left on the bottom ribs.

My post operation CT Scan also shows my personal imaging fingerprint RQM0000171628301

The consultants who operated on me are the same ones listed pre-op.  Mr Dattani and Mr Rupen.

The date is 18/02/2016 which is the day I had the wires put in.

RQM consultant and time correct dicom.jpg

armp.jpgNow, wait for it….


Quiz for today:

Can you see why this isn’t my X-ray?

Moan for the Day

Anton – Imaging Department, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

In the brief time I have known you, I have judged you to be an idiot.  I have based this on the fact that you have not been able to follow the detailed instructions of how to locate my x-ray and CT scans.

You have chosen to ignore the requester details for my scans.  You have chosen to ignore times, dates, injury details, Dicom protected data. My personal RQM.RQM0000171628301

Anton, phoning me and talking complete bollocks does not make it true.  Talking louder when you lie to me, also, doesn’t make a lie true.  I am sorry I frustrated you and you felt you had to put the phone down on me to end the conversation.


Threatening to put the phone down several times before you actually did DOESN’T make it true.

I am glad you chose to hang up.

I couldn’t.

I didn’t want to offend an IDIOT!


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