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B is for Blood

Having a needle repeatedly put through your vein, but you can’t feel it as there is so much pain elsewhere in your body, well, it’s almost Kafka…

Then I was copiously bled.

Well, slight exaggeration.  Dr Valerie Bernhardt collected 6 phials of blood from my arm.  3 would have been used for the blood tests carried out on 17th Feb 2016.  What were the other 3 for?

This was the only time during the period 16:00 17.2.16 until discharge at 19:40 on 19.2.16 that blood was taken.

Below are the blood test results that my bundle contained in April 2016 compared with the bundle I received in December 2016.

You will notice that results are missing from 17.02.16.  This is really taking the P***.  They have altered the real blood test to meet the fake one.

Or have they just tested 40 hour old blood?

Blood test results in my bundle I received April 2016

blood both.jpg

Change to blood test results in December 2016 bundle.


No blood was taken on 19th February 2016.

What is going on?

Is it…

  1.  Nothing is wrong
  2.  Fake blood test on 19th is clerical error
  3.  Fake blood test results are based on blood taken 40 hours before it was tested.
  4.  Other ideas?  Please share.








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