OK Leftie.  Let’s get ready.

Raise your heel.  Feel the weight and push.  Push harder.  Lift with all of your might.

Now wiggle your toes.  Faster.  Get them pumping.  Faster, faster.  Feel like they’re going to explode with anticipation.

Now stretch.  Relax.  Stretch again.  Come on Leftie, put your sole into it.  Really go for it.

We’re off.  Faster man, faster.  Run as fast as you possibly can.  Clear your mind.  Just feel the pounding pavement and the wind rushing by.

We’ve won.  We’ve won.

Where is my medal?

Chest gets the medal Leftie.  We’re just part of the team.


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    1. Wow, never knew about them but really like the stuff I’ve just googled.
      As for me, I read a piece about our stomach having a sort of brain where it can act without actual brain intervention. The next day I thought it would be really great if we had brains in our feet.

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