“Come on.  Come on Archie.”  His dad is softly calling.

Archie runs as fast as he can and holds his father’s hand.  Their hands now sticky where Archie’s sweet bonds them.

Archie feels his little heart beating in his chest.  He is trembling with pain.  He tries to be The Little Man, like his dad says, but his tears won’t stop flowing.

Archie feels total despair.  His world is falling apart.  His toddler soul is burdened with misery.

He knows that his whole life from today is ruined.

“Dad,” he cries. “Dad.  Why wouldn’t that bigger boy get off the swing?”


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      1. First time I’ve done it. Yeah, it was quite odd, but I enjoyed trying to tie it together at the end. I now like the idea of it going out of shape – more various – so the weirder the better! Will try again with some changes, hope you can contribute.


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