I was chatting with a friend recently about getting back onto the dating scene.  She said was I ready?  Last relationship didn’t end well.  I realized I was dating a twonkwad.

A twonkwad is someone you throw out and 3 days later they turn up like nothing happened. A twonkwad suggests you start dating again, as they have given you sufficient time to reflect on your brash behaviour.  I sort of feel bad as fell out of love with him when he lied to me.  Then spent the last three months trying to rekindle a relationship that was dead.  I learned that you can’t force yourself to feel a certain way.  Think I may have confused love with Stockholm syndrome.  Twonkwad – just made that up.

Woman Looking For Man:

Must be a twonkwad.

Hefty chaps need only apply – as long as have self-proclaimed appetite of a sparrow.

Must have ability to wind people up and be truly offended when they are rude back.

Victim mentality an asset.

Advantageous if always right.

A real plus if you can talk over anyone you don’t agree with.

Questionable sexual fetishes.

If anyone fancies dating a twonkwad please contact me for details.


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  1. Hey There. I found your blog through Poet’s Corner when you liked my recent post. I decided to check you blog and I found this. This cracked me up so bad. I needed this. I am working night shift alone and Earlier I felt like I am about to dozed off and then I read this and now I am wide awake. Laughing all by myself like a Twonkwad. Nice work! Really funny. 🙂

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  2. HI,
    You sound like a really funny writer. A Twonkwad, huh! Too funny. Reminds me of Shania Twain’s song “We are Never, Ever, Ever, Getting Back Together.”
    Thank you so very much for subscribing to my blog! May I ask where you found my blog MostlyBlogging? I always wonder. If you comment on my blog, I can see your Email and invite you to pin to our group board. Welcome!


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