Up the Garden Path




Tangled Roots
~for Lisa D.

from tiny seeds
spark life
new beginnings
yours and mine

bulbs blossom
reach for the sky
our roots, tangled
together, as one

even the Gardener
cannot separate us

©2016 Lori Carlson. All Rights Reserved.

Up the Garden Path

I thought I would take up gardening,
You know, grow some pretty stuff.
I went to the shop, bought loads of things,
but now the going’s tough.
I didn’t know about the pitfalls
And that my hands would get scraped raw.
I didn’t know my knees could get friction burns
or that my back could get this sore.

I decided to grow a tomato plant
Fresh fruit would be good for me
But I didn’t get tomatoes
What I got was a bloody tree
I then tried to grow a tulip plant
Tulips are beautiful beyond belief
But that shot 4 foot in the air
Twigs with woody roots beneath
Now I’m growing roses
But they’re not looking good
A lot of stalk and not much else
Not growing how they should
So, I went to the garden center
to ask what I should do
He sold me a bag of brown sloppy mulch
now my garden smells of pooh.

I thought I would take up gardening
and grow such pretty stuff
My garden now is a complete mess
And I’ve seriously had enough.
But, if you want to take up gardening
And are not put off by my poor try
You’re a braver person than I’ll ever be
Good luck, and here’s to mud in your eye!!


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