I’ve found a competition that my poem seems to fit.  Today I will try and find good title so I can get it sent off before the deadline.

Today I’m feeling really sad
I’m feeling truly old
My heating is on maximum
But my body’s rather cold
My feet have become flat footed
I waddle when I walk
I know my brain is still engaged
I forget words when I talk
And I look into the mirror
And my boobs, well they just sag
Sometimes I feel like carry them around
In a re-enforce plastic bag
I’m certain one leg is shorter
Than it surely use to be
And I get stuck on the toilet
Because of my wretched painful knee

A couple of years ago I met a man
A wonderful man named Ben
Wow, was he my farmyard cock
And boy, was I his hen
But now that I’ve hit eighty
Don’t know what’s happened to me
Instead of getting fruity
All I want is a cup of tea.
And my bones are getting creaky
And my butt, well that’s just sore
Today I’m feeling really sad
Oh, did I mention that before?


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