The Awakening

The hibernating creatures wake from their slumber during the first three weeks of leaf rise. All Woodland residents are required by lore to report to the meeting hall during this time so that they can have a spring health check and report any strange occurrences that happened during the winter months. Woodlands is all inclusive and does not discriminate against any creature’s freedom of choice when it comes to the important decision of if and when to hibernate. But, there are guidelines and a set of principles that go back generations.
Mayor Badger is in charge of protocol. He is being helped by the troupe of barn dancing field mice who decided against winter slumber due to their performance commitments and need for extensive rehearsals. They are promising a very ambitious series of shows this year and are booked to perform in venues abroad as well. The mice are efficiently checking the awakened’s credentials and making sure their personal details haven’t changed.
Mayor badger has put the mice in charge of registering new births. So far, there have been over 150 this year and the mice are running around ten to the dozen – well, could be ten, could be a dozen, very difficult to tell as they all look the same and they are moving so fast. But, let’s just say they are working their little whiskers off.
Nurse Mary Badger is in charge of the health check team and several Woodland residents have woken up with various ailments. Once again there are numerous bad backs due to poor sleeping position. Nurse Mary gets fed up with continually treating the same culprits each year as these tend to be the ones who miss her informative and helpful pre-slumber talk on Positive Positioning for Future Health. A couple of the dormice have woken up with fuzzy brains and so she beats them lightly on their heads.
All in all it has been a successful winter and there is a positive buzz around Woodlands as everyone looks forward to the coming year.
Once the formalities are over, Mayor Badger is very keen to get away as he has a 4’o’clock meeting with the diplomatic core


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